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Craftsman 4 Oz

This craftsman 4 oz. Ball pein hammer is a great choice for any fan of crafts. This hammer is from the era of the craftsman brand, and is made from a kershaw-quality hardwood. It has a hardwood joinery and the option to add a hardwood spindle, which gives this model an extra bit of stiffness. The ball pein is a natural hardwood that is also used byanse the hammer head. This tool is also have a hardwood handle, so you can take it to the next level.

Craftsman 12 oz  Ball Peen Hammer 38461 Wood Handle 12-3/4"

Top 10 Craftsman 4 Oz Reviews

This is a vintage craftsman 4 oz. Pump oiler. It is in chrome 4 oz. It is very sturdy and is a great addition to any collection. This pump oiler is sure to add some extra horsepower to your engine.
this is a great choice for those that need a few ball peen hammers for their crafting purposes. The craftsman 4 oz. Is a great choice for those with large hands. These hammers are 16 oz. Each and are a great choice for making and non-verbal communication.
this craftsman 12 oz ball peen hammer is in great condition. The wooden handle is slightly used but does not look abused. The handle is also slightly dirty with a few small areas of use. The hammer is brand new and has never been used. This tool is highly recommended for anyone crafting from then to next of this country.